Bovec is a relatively small town, which is one of the most famous places in Slovenia. At least in the summer months, when the visitors come to appreciate the cooling effect of the emerald river Soca flowing through the valley. In this time, Bovec becomes the meeting point of all kinds of adventurers, explorers, and experts in adrenaline activities. Here, the supply meets the demand – Bovec is the ideal starting point, as it offers a plethora of guided tours and experiences, as well as the ideal natural conditions for that.

The most popular activity has to be Soca rafting, Bovec is full of options for this kind of adventure. Every sporting agency includes some form of rafting in their offer, many focus specifically on Soca rafting. Bovec is the ideal plan to start, not only because of the offer, but also because of the Soca river, which is great for rafting in its upper part. It’s the best mix of dynamic and relaxing, offering the best possible experience for everyone engaging in Soca rafting. Bovec really is the ideal place to be if you’re into rafting!

But rafting is not the only choice for you – there are many other activities on offer, let’s mention kayaking, hydrospeed, paragliding, zipline, and canyoning. Bovec offers guided tours and experiences in ever activity listed and many more. And even within the specific activity, the options are aplenty – for canyoning, Bovec offers various courses down the canyons of the Soca’s tributaries. The canyons range from short and easy to very narrow and deep, challenging obstacle courses that will take a large part of the day to finish. That’s why for canyoning, Bovec is the ideal place as well. It’s definitely worth discovering what the town can do for you!

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