Slovenia, a small country in the Central Europe, offers a great deal of opportunities for adventure. Adrenaline chasers might enjoy skiing in the numerous ski resorts, swimming in the ice-cold rivers or exploring the magnificent caves all around the country. The brave ones can enjoy Soča rafting or rent a Kayak. Bovec, Slovenia’s secret gem, is the best place to blow off some steam and relieve stress of the everyday life by indulging in some Soča rafting or kayaking. If you need to learn how to handle a kayak, Bovec provides kayak courses, so anyone who feels they are not ready to tackle the water alone, can learn how to do it from professionals. If nothing else satisfies your hunger for adrenaline, you might try bungee jumping or skydiving, which will definitely make you feel alive. For the more fainthearted, Slovenia has an abundance of hills and mountains that are perfect for hiking, each of them offering an amazing view at the top. Triglav is a must for every self-respecting mountaineer who visits this beautiful nation under the Alps. The country is full of adventure parks, has a huge amount of bike trails and is rich with waterparks, so anyone can find something that suits them. So, when you visit Slovenia, try Soča rafting, hike in the alps, have a swim in the sea or learn to paddle a kayak. Bovec can be your starting point. Hurry up and visit the fun-loving country. It will certainly be worth it.

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