One of the best ways to explore any river is to paddle down its stream in a boat. This is especially true for lively Alpine rivers that offer great scenic views and a lot of fun on the waves. No wonder the Soca river is one of the top tourist destinations in Europe, attracting mostly the visitors that want to try Soča rafting or kayaking. In every case, there will be many options available, with satisfaction guaranteed.

Soca river kayaking

The river is ideal for kayaking. If you’re an experienced kayaker, you’ll be glad to have the opportunity to explore the river on your own. The whole length of the river can be explored in a kayak, which makes Soca river kayaking very attractive for real adventurers that wish to avoid the crowds and tourist offers. 

On the other hand, tourists play a big role in the development of the region, so many services are especially adapted to their needs. Consequently, Soca river kayaking is in big part available even to the beginners and random tourists that want to experience something new and see the river up close. 

Soča rafting

Rafting offers a similar experience in some regards, while also being very specific with some of its unique features. It’s a very social experience, usually done in a group, and it also includes quite a lot of work on the way downstream. Of course there are professional guided that are tasked with keeping everyone safe and comfortable, but they also ensure everyone is having a fun and thrilling experience with Soča rafting. You can expect a lot of fun moments, even a longer break to just enjoy the river and rest from paddling for a bit. Everything makes Soča rafting even more enjoyable.

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