The north-western part of Slovenia is best known for the Soca River and all the opportunities the pristine nature offers. Most of them have to do with the river itself, but a lot of them are organized independently and carried out in other beautiful places of the valley.

It’s easy to understand those that visit the Soca Valley just for the river. It’s absolutely stunning and offers a wide variety of activities on the water. Soca River rafting is the most popular, with kayak and hydrospeed offering equally attractive options on the dynamic rapids. Being the most popular and sought-after, Soca River rafting and other activities are very well organized and adapted to the tastes of different kinds of adventurists. But that’s definitely not all the valley has to offer. It’s not necessary to stay on the river to have fun – if you’re into water adventures, there are other waterways to enjoy, and the offer is really expansive for those that don’t mind exploring the woods, mountains, or skies around the river. Soca River rafting is the basic choice, but definitely not the only one.

The Soca River has many tributaries that offer a wide range of interesting activities. Soca River canyoning, for example, is mostly done on the smaller streams flowing towards the river, as those include attractive canyons and waterfalls. Thus, Soca River canyoning is a misnomer, with the river itself offering only a limited opportunity for this activity. But of course, it doesn’t really matter if it’s Soca River canyoning or if we call it by the actual name of the stream, the result is the same – an unforgettable experience of a unique, exciting, and interesting exploration.

The nature around the river offers much more. Don’t forget the mountains and even the sky above the water!

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